Stop The Cliches

It’s Killing Your Marketing Campaign

The worn out cliché, “think outside the box” it is so predictable people start to yawn by the time you get to “the”. Now if you were to say “think outside the rain barrel” maybe it would actually wake them up. When your audience knows what is coming next you have lost them. They have tuned you out!

Take “don’t cry over spilt milk” that can be annoying if not condescending. Maybe I need to heal my wounds before moving forward. It is also a good time to reflect on what went wrong.

Perhaps the “don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched” is a bit of a downer when you have high hopes. If we all had to proceeded with the negatives I doubt if anyone would dare to take a chance on new endeavors.

Be appreciative “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” but maybe it is not such a blessing if it is coupled with restrictions from others.

Are you telling me I should not challenge when you say “don’t rock the boat”, even if it goes against everything I believe in.

Don’t age yourself

This one is a bit annoying  “don’t take any wooden nickels” this does show your age. Fine if you want people to think you are ancient.

“Early bird catches the worm” could you be implying that someone is lazy? Are you setting them to a higher standard? It is also too darn chipper for people that are not morning lovers.

“Every fiber of my being” wow, that is a little intense! Are you sure it impacts you that much…maybe a bit too much drama.

“Everything but the kitchen sink” sure, of course it is! Nobody really believes that everything is in it.

Another annoying comment “for what it’s worth” which can be hurtful if used in the wrong context.

Very old school for computers “garbage in, garbage out” we all know it!

Anxiety builder “go for broke” who wants that to happen.

A really silly one “good things come to those who wait” you can wait a lifetime for this one to materialize.

Grounds for screaming!

I want to clobber someone that tells me “hold your horses”. I don’t have any horses and I don’t appreciate your impatience.

“Jump on the bandwagon” why should I join what you think I should, just because you said so.

This makes me want to scream “keep it simple, stupid”. Are you implying someone is stupid?

“Light at the end of the tunnel”. Maybe, but when will it be over and things get better, when I ask you, WHEN?

“Like taking candy from a baby”. Are you telling me you are taking advantage of others, I don’t care for that kind of personality!

“More than one way to skin a cat” I love cats and I find this sickening.

“Not playing with a full deck” are you saying someone is not as bright as you are? That is just plain mean.

“Opportunity doesn’t knock twice”. It sounds like you are pressuring me into a one time offer and I loose if I don’t listen to you…do not like to be threatened with an ultimatum.

“Six of one, half a dozen of another” hate the phrase, it is so stupid. It was funny when I was 7, but not now.

“This hurts me worse than it hurts you”. I doubt it, I have a low tolerance for pain.

We know what you mean most of the time, but don’t use them!

Before you plant a bunch of clichés in your copy and marketing campaign, try to figure out how your clients might be interrupt them. Life experiences can be triggered with those clichés, some might not be so pleasant. Just a thought before you embark on what could be a disaster of what you might have thought was clever copy.

Clichés are like fancy words, you can annoy but rarely impress a would be client. Think before you press “publish”.

For one last fun one: when you have lemons why not make lemon pie!