Long vs Short

Decisions of How to Build the Ideal Sales Letter

We are talking about online sales letter.

Problem is unless you get to the point from the start your audience is bored and gone. Not good if you are trying to sell a product or service.

How do you keep the potential customer interested?

Curiosity entices

First you have to get their interest, entice them to read more. So with a short email that leaves them begging for more will draw them to your sales page.

If they are intrigued they will stay and sometimes scan through the headings. At that point they may determine what you have to say is of utmost importance to them. Great, you got them hooked!

Second, what if they are on your website? I have been interested in a subject and unless it seems like I can’t live without the information, I am gone.

Again, many readers will scan the headings. Short copy on the website might be enough to get your audience to read the whole article. This is your pre-sale information. You can put a simple line at the bottom of article inviting them to click on the link for more information.

Irresistible offer

If they now go to your added information link, it is very possible for a sale to be made. They know that this is a sales page. Curiosity might bring them their, but clever copywriting will make the product irresistible. This is where the “long” makes sense. You go through the motions of bringing them closer to the purchase and justify to them their reason for the purchase.

The guarantee

You justify the purchase with the customer to prevent buyer’s remorse.

With a money back guarantee this brings confidence and security to the customer. A happy customer is a repeat customer and someone that will recommend your product to others.