Links To Other Websites

Not All Links Are Created Equal

We all want to be recognized in the search engines.

How you go about it can be good or a disaster for your website.

Remember what they say about others. “You are the company you keep.” This is so very true with the internet and the search engines.

Relevant linking

If you give links to just any website without ever checking them out it can harm yours. The site needs to be relevant to your own to start with and not a link farm.

Think about it. If you have a pet site and someone that sells handbags wants to link with you, don’t do it. It would be like baby toys linking to a farming site.

You can’t be everything and neither should you try.

I remember years ago when someone was eager to link to everybody. And with further investigation I saw a person that was so desperate to make money that they had everything for sale on their website. Also there was a comment on the home page, that if anyone didn’t see something they wanted to let him know and he would add it.

WOW! Just crazy and at the same time very sad. Would you go into a candy store and buy a saw?

A very valuable lesson. Unfortunately the person behind the website was oblivious to the consequences of not defining what they were about.

This is the same theory of NOT linking to just anyone. Now if Oprah wants to link to you, by all means do so! Big difference in value of a link.

Does the site compliment yours?

Try linking to a website that is complimentary to your site but not in direct competition. Such as pet bowls and pet food, or gift baskets and wine. Anyways, you get the picture.

If linking to another site it is advantageous to link to a page with information that would pertain to your site. Better than linking to their “links page”. This holds value to the consumer and a much better opportunity for them to click on the link and head over to your site.

Check out their link page

One last note on this. Check out the “link page” on a site you are thinking about linking to or have an invitation from. If you would be lost in a “sea of links” decline. Google will recognize the page as full of links and will devalue the site and your link on it.