Emails Your List is Ignoring

Is your list ignoring your emails

If you are finding your valued list is no longer opening your emails, it’s time to overhaul your list.

If they continue to not open, you need to figure out why. Is your subject line not attracting them? Or is it that they have just grown weary of your product? Maybe they no longer have use for your product or your services.

You should always have an easy unsubscribe. Some people just don’t bother, they just delete your email. They may even mark it as SPAM, which means they are mildly irritated with it showing up in their inbox.

Unopened emails – ugh!

Emails that are not opened can cause you problems with being labeled as the dreaded word “SPAM”. Not good if you are just trying to run an honest business.

As much as you may hate to do it, but you have to clean out the “dead email lists”. It hurts, but it can hurt you more if you have too many on the list. You could be flagged as a “SPAM Emailer” and this could hurt your chances of continuing to send to your list of eager people.

You can try a one last ditch effort and see if they open. Use a subject line that states that this will be your last email, newsletter, etc. if no action is taken.

If that is what they want, they will not open. But then again they might just be curious enough to open. Then you will need to have them respond to a “please continue sending me the newsletter”.

Don’t waste valuable auto-responder space on email recipients that will not open. The more people on your list can put you in a higher price for subscribers.

If you are still new to this and have plenty of room for all the subscribers, you may think this doesn’t matter. But subscribers who never open your emails after the free gift, will probably never buy from you. Dropping them makes sense.

Are your subscribers missing in action?

Having 500 subscribers and only 50 open on occasion should leave you with great concern. You can try numerous attempts at more interesting and irresistible subject lines. If results don’t improve much, you may have to bite the bullet and come to the conclusion your subscribers have gone AWOL.

Take a look at the oldest subscribers and see when they last opened an email. You can either weed them out one by one or do a mass clean-up of all people on your list. No action, or request to stay on the list means you drop them. That is usually more than what most want to do to their valuable list.

Do you have some devoted followers that stick with you and comment on your site regularly? They would probably want to stay with you and understand your call to action to be on your list.

But if you could spend the time and weed out the others by not disrupting your followers, that would be the ideal situation.